David N. Day Trader:

I already love the Go Fish Pro and Market Pulse. I am a scalper, and Go Fish Pro works so much better than my own manual order entry, particularly on NQ which I like to trade but often have to stay out because it moves so fast. Go Fish Pro seems to give me much faster entries and adjustments. I recognize that there is a lot of depth to this software and I’d like to learn it much better.


Ron J. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

I'll never trade without GoFishPro! Best trade app every created. Great job!

Chris R. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

Been using the software trading live today. Worked like a dream! Chris R. GFP Owner and Day Trader 7.5.20

Adam C- Day Trader:

I learned a tremendous amount from day 1 with you and it will be so for the future. Providing extraordinary value added help is an understatement. You are a true/proven champion, exceptional leader, and a compassionate person. Not only one of best professionals I've ever had the opportunity to engage with but a person of real integrity.

Mike B - Day Trader:

I will always be part of the Bressert experience. Thank you, for letting us see the thought process and trade executions of a professional trader. This is priceless. See you tomorrow, all the best

Bo H - Day Trader:

I have to tell you CT is by far the one of the best investments I have ever done for my trading Career. I cant thank you enough for bringing this all to the public the way that you have.

Paul W- Day Trader, MD:

I have been trading for 30 years. About a decade ago I hooked up with your Dad, Walter. I used his paper based system on another piece of software. I am pleased to tell you that the cycle trader pro plug in, I bought, works perfectly and is stable. This is the best streaming product I have seen. More than paid for itself in the first trade.

Joe V - NQ Trader:

I loved the VMI and green line with the bar numbers. Great work Jerome. Thanks

Robert L. - Cycle Trader Day Trader:

I have been in your trading room now for several weeks watching you make more money than I ever believed possible. I have traded in a sim account as well and had excellent results. My next step would be to use my actual account. I want to congratulate you for several reasons. You are sharing your software. You are making enough money where you could just keep this to yourself and forget about anyone else.

Robert - Day Trader:

The CT 34 Support / Resistance Windows and the CT 09 Bar Volume Delta are unreal. It’s crazy that I do the opposite I normally would when it comes to the delta bars, i.e. sell on red. Now I get to a window and look to buy on red and sell when green because that is how it works and I can now see it from the updated Cycle Trader Indicators. Anyways, another game changer for me. Killing it the past two days with just this 15 min delta bar chart

John L / Day Trader:

I have got to tell you that trading using the smooth volume indicator is incredible...


Adam C - Day Trader:

Customer Comment - I liked the indicators after further evaluation - I bought them! It is exactly how I like to trade. It looks like a truly valuable help to use in real-time trading. You really have a great product for my purposes. I am clearly aligned with where you are positioning to take advantage of the markets.


Mr Fields – Hong Kong - Day Trader:

The Redline is really great, I get some pocket money with weekly time frame on Hong Kong stocks. Why I love Redline so much is because it really works on every time frame and market! ​

Ole S. system trader:

Yippi!!! +6 points in the ES and plus 6 points in the NQ without lifting a finger! A good start - this is how life should be. Keep up the good work!

John L / Day Trader:

I have got to tell you that trading using the smooth volume indicator is incredible...

Stevie GFP Owner and Day Trader:

I have become more "comfortable" being down in a trade. I know that all markets turn. I believe in cycles. You talk about this every day. The thing is it's true, and knowing it has helped me become a better trader. Thanks you! You know I think you're awesome, because, well, you are! And you know I love you, because, well, I do!! Thanks for all you do for us!

Shari GFP Owner and Day Trader:

thank you for doing what you do. I'm excited to be able to trade on this app and have you as a great mentor.

Stephen N. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

You did a great job with this. I can't believe it. It so easy to use this GFP app. Just amazing and you keep making it better! Thanks

Steve S. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

I think it is perfect. It is easy to use, clear, understandable, and well controlled by you the mentor.....I can't wait for the next day to learn. Friday nite, Saturday (all day), and Sunday before the market opens are review times. Thank you

Eugen K. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

For all you new guys, these models work! These are my results for the last 7 days.

BO R. GFP Owner and Day Trader:

Like a rocket ship! I can't even recognize CT since I started last year! Super Human growth my friend. Really amazing what you have been able to done and KEEP doing!!!

Pat T. Day Trader:

Dear Jerome, I opened and started to trade with NinjaTrader Brokerage about 10 days ago, strictly following the latest Market Cycles you were sharing in the email, and I am very excited to share my success with you. I only trade MNQ and NQ at the open, I have accumulated $5K in net profit with no losing days over an initial deposit of $9K. After one withdrawal my account currently stands at $13K as of lunchtime, after making $2K in a range market today.

Pat T.  Day Trader