Cycle Trader's Scalper E/XCycle Trader's Scalper E/X

Scalper E/X (Entry / Exit)

Trade Entry and Exits Made Easy

Scalper EX is an add on app for Ninja Trader 8.

You can do the following:
  • Type in the price you want to enter.
  • Auto Exit X points from entry.
  • Auto add and remove contracts from your stop orders.
  • Change how the Price Ladder (DOM) works to fit your style. You can now set it to be any value per level. 
  • Easy cancel or cancel replace orders without using the Chart Trader.
  • Cancel all working buys or sells with a click.
  • Set a trailing stop.
  • Exit exact filled orders with a click.
  • Cancel all buys or sell working orders with a click.
  • Cancel or Cancel Replace any single order with a right mouse click.
  • Track each and every trade result from start to finish included time and % gain or loss. 
  • View instant real time margins being used.
  • View instant real time actual average price of your entry.
  • Enter or Exit with a stop order based on the last bar's high or low. 
  • Close and cancel all working orders with a click. 
  • Set your exit based on total dollar profit of the trade automatically.
  • Set your exit based on total ticks gain of the trade automatically.
  • View your average entry and exit order pricing. 
  • and much more....
The code is done, we just are testing it for a couple weeks.

Futures, Options on Futures and Forex trading involves a substantial degree of risk of loss and is not suitable for all individuals. An investor could lose the entire investment or, in some cases, more than the initial investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


Size = Minute Chart. For example a 5 would mean you want to use a 5 minute chart.

Average = The Moving average you want to apply to the chart Open, High, Low and Last.

Mode = There are 5 basic mode settings.
  • Mode 1 - Average of the last price.
  • Mode 2 - Average of the last price without the wicks.
  • Mode 3 - Average of the last price with wicks to the moving average price level.
  • Mode 4 - The actual last price without the wicks.
  • Mode 5 - Most common (default) The actual last price with the bar high or low equaling the moving average.
  • Above Mode 5 =  You can use any mode value above 5, it just gives more weight to the last price. For example, try 25, 30, or 50 and see what it looks like to you.
NOTE: To understand how the Smooth Charts work, you must watch the video below this page.

>> Last Price? If the last price is an average of the last price, how do I see the last price?

We have a Last Price line indicator that shows the last price in our indicator package.
Note: Mode 4 and above will plot the actual last price.

There are many advantages to using Mode 1,2,3 and the last price indicator. We call this Smooth Chart Spread. It shows momentum you have not seen before. When the actual last price is above the average of the bars, we consider this momentum up and vice versa for down. 

There are 6 Cycle Trader Smooth Chart Types:

  • Smooth Minutes
  • Smooth Volume
  • Smooth Tick
  • Smooth Renko
  • Smooth Tick Range
  • Cycle Trader Ops Chart