Low Risk Entries Bar Entry

There can be ways to find low risk entry levels.

Entering at these levels may not seem right at the time. You may have a number of small loses to get the right trade on too. 

I suggest looking at a medium term charts. 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes. 

Shorter term charts can work too. 

The set up is simple. The last bar was an up close. and the current bar is currently below it's opener (red color) but has not taken out the low of the previous up bar. The price can get close, sometimes even 1 or 3 ticks and you enter the market long with a stop at the low of the previous bar.  

We found it may be better to use a few ticks below the low if entering on the long side. Many times, the market may take out the low by a tick or 2 and still go back up. It is not that uncommon to see this price action. 

You don't see that many of these entries, the green enter bar was red at one time, but that is what it was. 

The short side view -

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