Smooth Charts

Have you sometimes wonder if there was a chart out there that could make sense of all the chaos you see on the regular charts?

There is good news, now there is... It is called the Cycle Trader Pro Smooth Charts.

Simple formula of averaging the Open, High, Low and Last of each bar and displaying this like a chart. 

Settings - 

Show High/Low - This will show the range if you want to see the range. The range resets when the time frame starts a new bar.

Size (Minutes) - This is set for each time frame automatically and there is no need to adjust this setting. This setting is not shown.

Average = 15 - We also default the average to 15, but this setting can be changed in the Market Pulse settings. 

Mode = 5 - Mode 5 send back the actual last price and not the average last price. Mode 5 is defaulted and not shown and cannot be modified. 

Smooth Chart setting you would use to see the same setting from Market Pulse.

Chart view using the above settings -

What do we look for? 

When the charts start to turn green (up) starting with the short term charts, we start to consider trend up. But, don't lose track off all them all Green or Red... this can show stronger trends. 

One would say, it's up until it can show down. 

We also pay attention to where the longer term charts are at the same time. If they are down, then we would be a small buyer using this model.

Market Pulse display - 

Market Pulse displays these values on to up to 15 different time frames at the same time.

MP will display how many points above the point of turning from Green to Red it is. 

For example, if the display is +3.00 in the mini ES 500 market, that would represent it is 3.00 full points above the average of where it would turn back to red (down).



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The overall purpose of the Cycle Trader has been to continue to create trading indicators to show market momentum & reversals better than most other indicators. To create trading models to help traders understand what pattern the market may be in at the time to help them make the best choice in direction at the time.

We have designed trading apps to help traders save money entering and exiting positions. The goal was to make the trading apps automatically handle orders after entry. This way, you our traders could concentrate more on the direction of the markets than placing orders all the time. Then we added value for each trade from start to finish displaying personal trade data. The trade data with the CycleTraderPro apps is data one would not expect from others apps.

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