What is included in the full install?

  • Alpha Indicators
  • Smooth Charts
  • GoFishPro Max 9.00
  • GoFishPro Easy 9.00
  • Market Pulse 4.15
  • Auto Entry app

Note: The install will last for 2 weeks for free.


Step 1. Download 4 files - You will come back to these soon.

  1. Full Install Script File - Click Here

    • Name: CycleTraderPro_Full_Install_Files_Jan_25th
  2. App Setting Files - Click Here

    • Name: CycleTraderPros_App Settings Jan 8th
  3. Chart Templates - Click Here

    • Name: CycleTraderPro_Chart Templates Jan 8th
  4. Auto Entry Templates - Click Here

    • Name: CycleTraderPros_Auto Entry Templates_ Jan 8th

Select Download each time


Step 2. Uninstall Old CycleTrader or Alpha Scripts

  1. Open up NT8 Control Panel.
  2. Click on "Tools".
  3. Click "Remove NT Assembly".
  4. Remove GoFishPro, Market Pulse and Indicators or any install from CycleTrader or Alpha Hunters.


Step 3. Install the CycleTraderPro Script -

  1. Open up NinjaTrader 8.
  2. Go to the Control Panel.
  3. Go to Tools.
  4. Select Import.
  5. Select "Ninja Script Add On" in Tools.
  6. Select -> Download Folder: Find -> CycleTraderPro_Full_Install_Files_Jan_25th


Step 4. Copy and Paste Script Setting Files

Copy - 

  1. Open File Manager.
  2. Go to the Download Folder.
  3. Find the file - CycleTraderPros_App Settings Jan 8th
  4. Double Click this zip file to expose the files inside.
  5. Click on the files inside and highlight all of them
  6. Right mouse click and select "COPY".

Paste -

  1. Go to the NT8 folder.
  2. Click on BIN.
  3. Click on Custom.
  4. Click on AddOn.
  5. In the AddOn folder, right mouse and click past. 


5. Copy and Paste the Chart Templates.


  1. Go to your Download folder to unzip the chart template file. 
    1. File Name -> CycleTraderPro_Chart Templates Jan 8th
  2. Double click on chart template zip file to open.
  3. Highlight the files in the folder.
  4. Right mouse click and hit Copy.


  1. Click Documents.
  2. Go to the NinjaTrader 8 Folder.
  3. Go to the Template folder.
  4. Go to the Chart folder and open it.
  5. Right Mouse and click "Paste".

The image below shows the location of where you will past the chart templates.


6. You will have to copy over the Auto Entry templates too. 

Email us to walk you through the process. 

Or, if you are good at this process, then see where to put them.

You may need to restart and pop open the Auto Entry App first to create the folders.


You are all done with the install -

Education -

Videos -

Trade Models -

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