Add Strategy and time frames to Auto Entry

There a few steps to add a strategy. 

1. Take your mouse and click in the strategy are and click your right mouse. 

On top, you will see the word "ADD".

Click on "ADD" and you will see the selection to the right appear. 

Now choose which strategy you wish to add. 

Once you choose the strategy a box will show up with a number of arrows. 

Click the arrows to see the data. 

Most of the defaults are the same as Market Pulse. In other words, there is nothing much to do other than change the time frames. 

Note: If you do change any of the defaults, which is fine, you can ALSO change these in Market Pulse to see the data live. 

Smooth Spread and Smooth Chart - 

We automatically bring these up as smooth charts, so no need to change these chart types. 


We will be hiding a few inputs here because you don't want to change them for them. 

The only inputs to change are the following:

Value: (This is the minute chart) - So, if you want to make this a 10 minute chart, then make this value = 10

Length: This is the moving average to use. Our default it 15 on Market Pulse. But you can make this any value you wish.