We have been a trading education / seminar, and newsletter business since the 1970s under the founder Walter Bressert.

In the early 90s, we started in the trading indicators business under the name ProfitTrader and CycleTrader. Since the later part of the 90's the company was co-owned and co-operated under Walter's son, Jerome Bressert.

Since late 2014, Jerome took overall operations and made major improvements to the indicators and designed the Smooth Charts. Jerome also designed and developed a massive trading strategy script for NinjaTrader called THE MATRIX. From 2018 to current time, Jerome designed and built GoFishPro, Market Pulse, and the Auto Entry apps.

Cycle Trader Pro is a complete trading software company that has created many custom indicators that show momentum and cycle reversals better than most others. We build custom auto order entry and exit applications, and auto trade system strategies.

About Cycle Trader Pro

Overall Purpose -

The company-wide vision has continued to create trading indicators to show market momentum & reversals better than most other indicators.

Create trading models to help traders understand what pattern the market may be in at the time.

Design trading apps to help traders save money entering positions. Make trading apps automatically handle orders after entry. Add value for each trade from start to finish with personal trade data. Display significant trade data with the CycleTraderPro apps that one would not expect from others apps.

We Run on NinjaTrader, MetaStock, TradeStation, MetaTrader and MultiCharts

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According to Investopedia - the term Alpha refers to the following:Alpha (α) is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy's ability to beat the market, or its "edge." Alpha is thus also often referred to as “excess return” or “abnormal rate of return,” which refers to the idea that markets are efficient, and so there is no way to systematically earn returns that exceed the broad market as a whole. Alpha is often used in conjunction with beta (the Greek letter β), which measures the broad market's overall volatility or risk, known as systematic market risk.

Alpha is used in finance as a measure of performance, indicating when a strategy, trader, or portfolio manager has managed to beat the market return over some period. Alpha, often considered the active return on an investment, gauges the performance of an investment against a market index or benchmark that is considered to represent the market’s movement as a whole.

The excess return of an investment relative to the return of a benchmark index is the investment’s alpha. Alpha may be positive or negative and is the result of active investing. Beta, on the other hand, can be earned through passive index investing.

Futures, Options on Futures and Forex trading involves a substantial degree of risk of loss and is not suitable for all individuals. An investor could lose the entire investment or, in some cases, more than the initial investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.